Lethal Speed Metal

by Morvidhen

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This is our First EP' called ''Lethal Speed Metal'' , pure heavy and speed metal! || To buy this EP send a e-mail to raul.rattlehead.01@gmail.com


released January 6, 2015



all rights reserved


Morvidhen Lima, Peru

Banda de Speed metal ,formada a mediados del 2010, que se inició tocando covers de algunas de las bandas que los influenciaron como Black Sabbath, Agent Steel, Iron Maiden, entre otras.

A finales del 2012, la banda lanzó su Demo "First Attack", el cual fue grabado de forma casera.. En la actualidad la banda acaba de lanzar el primer EP llamado ''Lethal Speed Metal''
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Track Name: Sign Of Metal
This is the force
will never die, will live forever
This is the power of metal!

feel the strength in you
it's time to take all your fears
it's time to go to the gig

you'll be possessed by sign
of metal
show no resistance by
power of metal!!
Track Name: Lethal Speed Metal
I wanna run to play at the bar
With the light of the moon in the dark
I want to see when the mosh pit begins
feelin' the speed in my heart

And I don’t care... if i live or die
Because tonight... i'll play with my band


Going to the bar i can see my life
Playing bass, drinking beer all the time
I don't know if I'll live long enough
But when i play I feel so strong

Playing fast... in the nuclear bar
And you will feel... the adrenaline
Track Name: Hostile
We don´t want injustice, no more explotations
we don´t want oppression; Let us free.
The real face of freedom comes with the fall of evil,
everyone likes only soul; the strength of will.

Standing up against the law, make some balance in the world
Anger is running in your blood, corruption running on the streets
People from the underground, they don’t know who to believe
waiting for some peace to live; distant dream of liberty

Hostile! - I'm not your slave.
Hostile! –never been silent.
Hostile! - Defend my ideals.
Hostile! - Facing your fate

They just tell you what to think, killing hopes and all our dreams
but this game will not last much; nobody will trample us
They believe we live to serve, but we are not their dogs to obey
while we get the strength to fight; they'll never have our minds
Track Name: Nuclear Shelter
the Toxic deadly raid begins to fall
spraying carcinogens in forest and lakes
now you are part of the new nuclear war
to the fallout shelter you must run now

Corroded by The Power -taking our lives
our blood is running -begins the drain off
Then the mighty plan B -will be in the field
they release the H bomb -and gain death and pain

another pretext to attack our brothers again
this step will mark the third world war
dusting off rifles, grenades nuclear bombs
And the nuclear winter is now in our lungs

Corroded by The Power -taking our lives
our blood is running -begins the drain off
Then the mighty plan B -will be in the field
they release the beast -and gain death and pain
Track Name: Fire Wheels
Running on the road with the 2 wheels of fire
I feed the monster with lethal speed
Taste the fire consuming my blood
sensing an approaching storm

breaking the limits of the law
No matter if i get caught

with fire wheels, fire wheels
fire wheels… The King of the road
fire wheels, fire wheels
fire wheels… The king of the road

Now I don’t have any gasoline
the wheels monster runs by itself
drawn by the chains of demonds
feels like if I’ve been reborn

You think I don’t have control
but I’m commanding the road!
with fire wheels!

The ghost controls me and take all my strength
My deadly wheels are going in flames
The cops are coming to finish my reign
But I don’t care- I love speedway!!!

The cops try to catch me
But on the road I am free

Fire wheels, fire wheels
fire wheels… the king of the road
fire wheels, fire wheels
fire wheels FIRE!!! fire wheels fire wheels!
fire wheels… the king of the road
Track Name: Let The Hunt Begin
Now , You are facing your death
You try to run away
Away from my hate
Trapped in my private hell
I will take your soul
And give it to the lord

Lose all your hope there´s no way to escape from the chains of hate
Let the hunt Begin.
The shoot of pain, I’ll take my revenge with my killing shot
let the hunt begin
your kill, suffer all my rage, your head will explode
let the hunt begin
your death, there’s no escape, you’re doom to die!

but now, the hunt already started
there’s no where to escape, I can feel your fear
you are running to fast
But you can’t escape
I’m now in my hunt

and now, you’ve finally fail
you’ve fall in my trap
there’s no where to flee
you will pay for your sins
your soul is now mine
this is your DEATH!!!!!!
Track Name: Return Of The Living Dead
The greenish acid called Trioxin
sprayed in the Morgue … they come from the dead
Facing your fears with no apathy
Our mission is get them … into the ground

your skin feel as though it is wet and asleep
stored under pressure in large steel drums
relying in its hardness, they left it in a vault
but one of these days … it began to leak

the rain was that brought them to life
In the dark of the night… the hell is on earth
Chewing and eating the brains all around
Nothing can’t stop them … they can smell your brain

They eat our brains to calm their pain
They’re awake you must run away
Take it if you stay you’re already dead
They’re now coming… To finish your brains

They are coming for me, waiting the night
when we're scared, wet and alone
They have no soul, no matter what
They're dead and hungry and coming for us
leaving their graves and living again
We have to hide and flee for our lives
I don’t know how… but we have to FIGHT!